Kirits Bell


Changing my clients lifestyles for the better

Tristan Parker

I have always tried to keep myself in good shape and have been lifting weights for a few years. However, on the months leading up to Christmas, I became very relaxed and slowly out of shape. This was due to full time work and other commitments which meant that finding the time to train became more difficult and therefore it easier to skip sessions.

I was getting Married during April 2014 and wanted to get myself in the best shape I could possibly be in for a very important time on my life. I knew that Kirtis would be able to help me, and I decided to take part in the 12 week body transformation online service that Kirtis offers.

During my initial consultation, I explained that I did not have all the time in the world for training, but was willing to try and make time whenever I could. Once I had my body measurements recorded, Kirtis drew up a training routine and diet for me to follow, which worked perfectly around work and life.

The twelve weeks was definitely challenging, with there being many times I wanted to give up. However, Kirtis was excellent at keeping my motivated, and making time to make small tweaks to my plan to prevent it from becoming mundane and a total chore. Kirtis’ professional and caring attitude throughout the whole of the twelve weeks was outstanding, I would not have maintained the level of motivation and determination throughout the transformation without him. I was very happy with the end results, dropping around 5-6% bodyfat, reaching around 8%. I would absolutely recommend any of Kirtis’ online week body transformation services. Thanks Kirits.

Charlie Long

I have been training in the gym for coming on 4 years now and I never had a personal trainer that understood my needs fully quite like Kirtis. His advise and knowledge is always welcomed.

I've been training with him now for two years and it started off with just the odd session here and there but now I make sure I have a session with him every week.

I look forward to every training session that I have with him. They are fun yet hard work. Kirtis certainly knows how to push me to get the best out of me every time.

I no longer look at Kirtis as just a Personal Trainer but as one of my close friends.

Kirtis, I can't thank you enough for the transformation that you have helped my body go through!

Alex Walsh

Alex joined winners 2000 in march needing help with his weight and size as he was getting married in September. We had a chat and put in place what needed to be done. Time frames, goals, nutrition and training routines was all sorted. After Alex’s induction he was so pleased with the service delivered he asked for regular 1 on 1 weekly training to push him to that target.

On a weekly basis I would record Alex’s progress and make any necessary changes to keep the muscles stimulated and body fat burning. From day one, Alex instantly made recommended changes to his lifestyle, wine, sugars, processed foods and high carb meals were gone for good. Training started softly on weights to get his body used to them, moving him into high intensity cardio workouts using weights and body weight. He would do anything I told him and put in a huge effort every time, nothing would defeat him!

Building up to the dead line we had to make everything tighter and harder with his food and training. Alex was blown away with his results, clothes always getting too big and loving the way he feels. Hes gone from XXXL to a M/L tshirt. He looked like a new guy on his wedding day. Hes feeling Incredible!

Alex’s whole life has changed. He Looks forward to the gym and our training sessions. We have set new goals to build lean muscle and get some shape and still continue to loose body fat for a holiday in February 2013.

David Gibney

David joined winners2000 in march 2012 To increase his fitness as he was applying for an officer position in the army. In his consultation we discussed what he really wanted to achieve, we come up with the following.

1 increase fitness to a higher standard than expected for the Royal Army.

2 decrease body fat and reach a target of 13st as he had gain a lot of unwanted weight at university. This wouldn’t also make physical activity easier in the long run

3. Increase strength to perform body weight exercise such as press ups, squats, pull ups, and dips. These were perfect goals for David, so we moved on to how we’re we’re going to reach them

After the 3 stage induction David realised this was going to be hard on his own and took me on as his personal trainer. His fitness was very low to start with really found it hard to get motivated and push through any challenges. David met me once a week for his strength and conditioning training and he was set other physical exercises in and out of the gym. His whole diet was changed in small stages to make it manageable to help aid the fat loss and his performance. He was put on a high protein and fat diet and a small amount of carbohydrates.

The weeks passed and David made some huge changes. we could see the weight falling off, body weight exercise performance increasing, and running duration and speed improving. Going from 15st 5 lbs to 13st 3lbs everything was getting easier. This was perfect and gave David the motivation to push harder. His diet was clean 90% of the time and always made sure he was moving in the right direction.

David had his selection test in October and passed it with ease, as I knew he would. He is no longer lazy and is always up for a tough challenge. He is still continuing with a clean diet and physical exercises to reach that 13st target.

Ben Smith

Working at a desk all day had really started to take its toll on me. My weight had gradually crept up and I was generally feeling bloated and slow.

I had wanted to get back into shape and generally feel better for quite some time and having made a few failed attempts on my own I knew I needed a structured plan in order to succeed. I chose winners2000 because I wanted to work closely with someone to help set clear goals with the knowledge that if I stuck to what they said, I would achieve them.

Kirtis was just the man; he went through what I wanted to do, helped me set some good goals and explained how we were going to achieve them. My main measurable goal was to lose weight but I also wanted to improve my health and fitness so we also set some sub targets along those lines.

I have been training with Kirtis for 3 months, my sessions included: Interval training on the rowing machine and treadmill, resistance training, bench press, sprints, split lunges and a mixture of high intensity mixed sets (press ups, burpies, deadlifts, chin ups etc). We also did a 1000 rep workout outside by muscle hill. That was a killer!

Upon starting we looked at what I was currently eating and I kept a food diary for a few days. I also had a questionnaire to fill out to help determine my body type. From that Kirtis put together a food plan for me and explained how it was designed to work. I felt better quite quickly after sticking to the plan, I had no bloating, more energy and the weight started to come off steadily. After a few weeks we changed the plan to keep the fat burning going and give me a bit of a change.

At times I really found the diet hard, especially at weekends, but because I was feeling so good as a result of it I didn’t want to stop. It was really great to be able to be open with Kirtis about it, even when I had eaten a few bad meals so we could work together to structure things to keep me on track. For example, when we introduced the carbohydrate spike into my diet it was good because my “cheat meals” were in sync with that and they ultimately helped my weight loss.

One of the things that really helped me was that Kirtis taught me a lot about what happens to the body and resultantly fat burn and muscle growth in response to different foods. It gave me a better understanding of why certain things were included in my diet and helps me positively plan varied meals.

Kirtis has contributed massively. He has not only kept me on track but given me the motivation to want to go further.I have worked hard but it is because Kirtis has kept pushing me forwards both in terms of my work outs but also my diet that I have dropped the weight and seen some great results. I can recommend Kirtis Bell Personal Training and Winners 2000 highly!