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Before 2012 I had been a member of several gyms, and like many people I suspect, had always started with great enthusiasm. More often than not I would lose the motivation and just waste my membership!

That said I took the decision last year to make a change for good and join Winners as I’ve never been happy with my body weight. It was here where I started to train with Kirtis. At the beginning we sat down and discussed my immediate goal to lose body fat and Kirtis devised a programme for me to achieve this. From the outset Kirtis was a great support and motivator on this journey, particularly during further PT sessions when he really pushed my training. Although this was never a ‘walk in the park’ the results I achieved with him were great and well worth the effort. None of this would have been possible without following a structured diet plan which Kirtis also recommended to match my training sessions.

I was so pleased with the results I had achieved at the end of 2012 that I then decided to book a 10 block session with Kirtis with a new goal of gaining lean muscle. During these sessions Kirtis would track my progress and alter my programme at various stages to keep up my enthusiasm and motivation. He also really pushed me and got me out of my comfort zone to lift heavier weights! Again I am really pleased with results and still continue to follow his advice and direction.

Training to achieve personal goals and maintain that all important motivation is not always easy, far from it, however training with Kirtis has really opened my eyes to the importance of good health and fitness. He is always on hand to offer support and encouragement and I would not hesitate in recommending his services as a trainer to anyone.

- Ben Coley

Kirtis has been setting routines and training for 4 months, during that time I have noticed a big improvement in overall fitness and strength, combined with feeling a lot healthier, He uses a combination of routines to suit individual goals, and is committed to helping you achieve them, for me its been to lose weight and gain overall fitness, combined with nutrition advice, which are in themselves very straightforward but very effective, i have lost easily a stone since beginning these sessions but equally important I feel so much healthier and therefore happier.

Kirtis will push you to get results but is very perceptive as to where your training limits are, which is of critical importance.

Overall Kirtis is very accomplished at his job and decent guy who you can talk in depth to about training diet etc plus you can have a laugh and get results!!

- Phill Maunder

I started training with Kirtis at the start of January at 2013 after a recommendation from a friend who had great results through working with Kirtis, I had no idea what I was doing in the gym most of time and found asking for help difficult as I was embarrassed but by training with Kirtis he was able to set me up with a plan for training and nutrition which was tailored for me. I am now in my fifth month and having regular upgrades of my plan to keep pushing me along and I am seeing excellent progress. Working with Kirtis is a pleasure, he’s professional, approachable and always around the help whether it is in the gym or over the phone. I’m really looking forward to continuing my progress with Kirtis and achieving my goals.

- Vito Percinovic

I’ve been to around 10 gyms in the past, through several trainers and yet still never seemed to find the motivation to actually go. Since joining Winners, with Kirtis as my trainer, he has shown me the key to success. I now regularly attend at least 4 days a week, stick to a strict diet plan and most importantly, enjoy it in the process. For the first time in my life I’ve wanted to work out and the result speaks for itself, the gains came quickly and I have completely transformed myself in just a few months. I would highly recommend Kirtis to anyone looking for a Personal Trainer.

- Nick Watson

I have been a regular member at many gyms as I move around a lot with my work. I keep in shape but have never really bothered to follow a tailored training program or have a personal trainer. At Winners2000 I received a structured diet and training program form Kirtis bell.

I must confess that a specifically designed program to meet my goals has given me far greater results than I have ever been able to archive on my own. As I reached my short term goals me and Kirtis sat down and discussed the next step from here. A new program was given to improve my fitness and keep the motivation high.

It still require commitment and hard work on my behalf, but everything has been trailer made to suit me, my goals, and my abilities and I’m so impressed with my results. Many thanks to Kirtis.

- Andrew Silitoe

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I joined Winners 2000 in September 2012, a friend of mine had used the gym in Paignton and had couldn’t recommend it enough, he had seen big changes and knew I wanted the same.

Once I had taken the plunge and joined, Kirtis contacted me and offered to become my trainer. We had the initial sessions were he got to know me and understand what I wanted to achieve, which was weight loss of 2 stone and to generally improve my fitness levels. Kirtis then with the understanding of what I wanted to achieve set me a programme and went through every stage to make sure it was right for me. Kirtis spent a lot of time making me understand about diet and which foods to eat and when.

I have had many sessions with Kirtis and he has helped me achieve what I set out to and more. I am now back down to 34” waist and he has made me understand that it is not the scales that count but how you feel as muscle weighs more than fat! Sessions with Kirtis really count, his motivation to his clients is excellent and really wants his clients to do well! Thank you very much.

- Martin Boyle

Since 28/9/12 I’ve had Kirtis as my personal trainer and out of all of the ones I could have picked, I couldn’t have asked for a better one to train with.

Thanks to him and his workout programmes combined with his eating programme laid out for me, I have found my body transforming in the way that I wanted when I first went to Kirtis.

I owe my renewed confidence in my body n shape to him and with his continued support I know that it will only get better. Thank you Kirtis!

- Charlie Long

Training with Kirtis is a pleasure. His professionalism and knowledge makes every session feel like progression whilst his friendly nature also makes something which can be quite difficult at times, fun. After just a few sessions I began to feel like I was training with not just a personal trainer but also a friend who was looking out for the best in me, developing the right programme specific to me whilst constantly monitoring my technique to get the best out of our time in the gym. In just under a year I have noticed visible physical changes and grown greatly in strength and ability. I look forward to our future sessions and would not hesitate to recommend Kirtis.

- Tom Couch