Kirits Bell

WBFF London

My First Show Experience.

WBFF stands for World Beauty and Fitness Fashion, this is a federation that hosts fitness physique competitions. I chose to compete in the male Fitness model category as I thought this would suit me best. The reasons why I chose the WBFF are: I have always wanted to have that inspirational look to others, to have the perfect looking physique that you see on magazine covers, so this seemed like a perfect chance to reach this. Another reason is the WBFF has the best of the best athletes competing in it, this was also the first time the federation has come to the UK and was being held in the London o2 arena. I knew of a few people entering the competition, including my work colleagues, Dean, Adam, and Ashwin. Plus a couple of Gym members, Scott and Ryan. I thought going through this journey with others would make the experience much more fun, and it sure did. I knew this was going to be a tough competition and I needed a strong motivational goal to make me stick to a clean diet and to have a reason to train hard most days.

kirtis bell wbff london front pose
kirtis bell wbff london back pose

My Show Preperation

I would like to start by just saying how shocked and please I was with this transformation. I really didn’t realise how out of conditioned from my growing cycle I let my slefget. I went from 103kg to 88kg few days before show day. I didn’t do this prep alone, I decided I wanted to do this properly. I know I needed to have someone on my case all the times, to use harsh words to motivate me, to tell me what to do so I don’t make mistakes. I knew my knowledge was way out to prep for a show and I was scared to admit it. I decided to go with a guy called Cain leatham from GB Fitness, this guy is an absolute guru when it comes to exercise and nutrition, his knowledge blew me away every time and I learnt so much from him. I saw Cain monthly and always had contact with him to help me when I got stuck.

As the weeks went by I could see the changes and this was motivating, there was times I slipped up and went off track, which may have made a difference to my final package but we will never know. I had lots of areas to work on during my prep, the show was marked just as much on stage presence and charisma as it was on the physique. I had no idea when it comes to posing and being on stage. I went to see WBFF Pro James Alexander Ellis with Ashwin, Scott and Ryan to work on our posing. He was such a nice guy, he kept in contact to help as much as he could. In the last few weeks I work a lot on my posing to get the finest detail right, Cain spent a lot of time correcting my poses to get them right.

This show prep wasn’t easy and wasn’t the most enjoyable at the final stages. I could see how far behind the others I was and had to really pull something out the bag. In the last 6 weeks I was completing 2 lots of 60 minute LSD cardio sessions a day every day of the week, accompanied with a low carbohydrate diet. There were day I really didn’t want to train or pose but I had huge support from my amazing partner making me do what I had to do and helping out with food prep as much as she could. I really don’t know how I could have done this prep without all the support from everyone.

Here is photos from the start to start of peak week( 1 week out from show), being a 16 week transformation

kirtis bell before WBFF Prep


kirtis bell before WBFF Prep

Show Day

Saturday 9th November was finally here, the nerves were really set in, but least I wasn’t alone. I had Laura by my side helping me with pretty much everything, from travelling, food, Tan, final posing trying to keep me as calm as possible. We needed to be at the 02 for 3.30pm as the show started at 5pm, I went with Ashwin. I think we were both blown away by all this with it being our first show. Back stage there was so many people, all looking absolutely incredible, male and females with out of this world physiques, all the pros helping and organising the event, it just felt surreal and it was a huge inspiration to see.

I was trying to stay confident and calm though back stage, I wasn’t sure when the fitness models was on so I was just waiting for the call out. Timing for the show was a bit all over the place, I tried keeping calm while everyone was starting to pump up, trying to time how long I will be kept down stairs for. Unfortunately I was the first guy in the line up for tall male fitness models to go on stage. My timing was cut a lot shorter than I expected and failed to prep myself properly for stage, Huge lesson learnt right here.

From being rushed, Stressed and not feeling my best standing behind the curtain waiting to be presented on stage, my nerves were frightening. This was it. Everything I had trained for, to shine on this stage in front of the judges and 1500+ audience. I went out there with the ‘I’m the best!’ attitude, the judges only looked at you for a short period before that looked at the next guy. I felt I nailed my routine but watching the others come out gave me so much more inspiration for next time. I was called forward twice for comparisons, being judged against the others from different angles. I didn’t end up placing in the top 10 but I loved the whole experience and will be defiantly doing it again in the next UK Show.

kirtis bell wbff london front pose
kirtis bell wbff show pose

What I have learnt

I have learnt so much during this whole experience. I know to place a lot higher next time I need to work on the following: Condition – I was nowhere near the standards of some of the other competitors, I will need to be a lot leaner. I was about 6-7% body fat weighing 88kg. I have a lot of mass and next I will be aiming for 4-5% body fat at 85-86kg. I would like to fill out my chest a little more, have some ridiculous quad separation, and to bring out my lower abs for the lower anticipated body fat. Posing and stage presence – I really limited myself with my poses and I was completely new to this, I just focused on getting the small amount perfect. Watching others on stage made me realise I need to have more up my sleeve to try and stand out and most importantly to make it look natural and comfortable. I also need to make my smile last longer and look happy when standing at the back of the stage. I started losing it and looking bored and miserable, I really didn’t want this to happen.

Back stage timing – make sure I pump up a lot earlier than last time. It really got to me that I messed this up. I also must Time my carb spike and water intake to peak properly for stage.

To reach these goals I know I need to be a lot more disciplined with myself during my prep. To start off with a much better conditioned physique will help me out a tonne. I know now how important it is to hit every training session like it’s your last, to not miss a work out. How much slipping on your diet can make the difference n the long run most importantly your sleep, how can you expect to train hard or diet easy with deprived sleep. I made the prep so difficult by putting work first and losing out on many hours of sleep without even thinking of it. It does take over a short period of your live but the results and the whole experience was so worth it in my opinion.

WBFF london tall fitness model category
Kirits and three other competitors


I just want to thank everyone for helping me through this

Cain leathem – I couldn’t have achieved all this without his help, so a huge thanks for that. Helping with diet, training, posing, tan, what to expect, always there to answer pathetic repeated questions because I forgot the answer. Just a true legend and a nice guy.

Laura jones – well everything I put this girl through and she still put up with me at my worst. Helping out with everything she could. Prepping my food so I could still work and go to bed on time. making me pose and train when I really didn’t want to. Doing cardio with me so im not bored. Driving me to London even though it was a disaster. Tanning me and constantly keeping me calm and confident throughout.

Mat gudgeon – for being a great friend, helping out where he could, constantly bothering him with questions and problems. Thanks man I owe you!

James Alexander Ellis – his posing lessons and his support coming up to the show day.

Tristan, lee, and Matty - for making the huge effort to get to London to watch and supportme. It meant a lot and I do really appreciate it!

Adam stansbury and dean – for back stage support and just making the whole experience more enjoyable.

Ashwin baker, Scott, and ryan – For all the laughs, training sessions, posing practice, friendly support, picking me up when feeling down. Everything I went through, you guys made it better. A huge well done to Ash and Ryan for placing well for your first show, you both looked insane and especially to scott for becoming pro in the male muscle model category.

Friends and Family – for putting up with me not being able to be apart of fun activities. Also for being in a crap mood most of the time and Supporting my goals and not trying to get me to do the wrong things.

Work colleagues and Clients – I was snappy, tired and had very little patience. Thank you for understanding what I was putting myself through.