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Welcome to Kirtis Bell Personal Training Torquay

A Personal Trainer located in Torquay, within the Winners2000 gym. Here to help people make positive changes to their lives and enjoy every bit of it. Working alongside some of the best Personal Trainers in the South West, sharing knowledge, possitive attitude and life changing results.

Personal Training

I am here you you feel as comfortable as possible. I seek to understand what life changing results you are looking to acheive. Together we will plan and structure the small actions you need to take in order to reach your destination.

I never want any client to feel overwhelemed with their new plan. We will break down your journey, seperating the long term and short term goals. No matter the changes to your lifestyle, I will ensure they suit you and that you stay motivated

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2015 / 2016

shots of kirtis competing

WBFF stands for World Beauty and Fitness Fashion, this is a federation that hosts fitness physique competitions. I chose to compete in the male Fitness model category as I thought this would suit me best. The reasons why I chose the WBFF are: I have always wanted to have that inspirational look to others, to have the perfect looking physique that you see on magazine covers, so this seemed like a perfect chance to reach this. Another reason is the WBFF has the best of the best athletes competing in it, this was also the first time the federation has come to the UK and was being held in the London o2 arena. I knew of a few people entering the competition, including my work colleagues, Dean, Adam, and Ashwin. Plus a couple of Gym members, Scott and Ryan. I...

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Why choose me?

I promise that you will have my 100% dedication and commitment towards getting you to where you want to be. I will work with you, go above and beyond to motivate you, making sure you get the life changing results that we both know you are capable of.

I have worked with many clients from different ages, shapes, and sizes, which individually have got some great results. I can guarantee that working out with me will be enjoyable and rewarding. Creating a new possitve life changing habbit for you.

If you are not living the way you want to, make the first step, contact me now!

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